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Dated: 01/12/2018

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    Have you heard of the word ginosko? It's a Greek word. It has a great meaning. I don't think there is a English word that means the same concept. The word is used for people who have "experiential knowledge" We would all probably agree that person who studies a 100 page driving hand book and passes with a sincere, earned 100% on a writing driving test may not be a perfect driver.  Passing the written test is just the start. As a new driver begins to drive, he learns why what he learned in the book is important. 

     Myself, as a experienced realtor, I have been blessed with great buyers and sellers. I also have had extremely difficult buyers and sellers.  I've poured out myself and gotten great results. I've gone to heroic measures and been taken advantage of. I've helped turn the sideways sliding deal into a close. I've worked with other smart, helpful agents, I've also worked with smart and dumb agents who accidentally and even intentionally played/dealt nastily.   When my sellers or buyers want something to happen and it's not going well, I keep it (the deal) moving determined to get to where my seller/buyer where they want to be.  Ginosko is what you want.


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