Spring is Coming

Dated: 01/04/2019

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Happy January everyone. We made it to 2019, so congratulations on that. Hopefully you have had a great start to the year. If you are at all like me I am sure you have some big hopes and dreams for this year. I hope that you do. This is what is going to make the next year amazing as well as exciting. That being said though you need to put plans in place in order to accomplish your resolutions or dreams. 


When it comes to real estate most people plan on buying or selling their houses in the spring or summer time. There are a multiple reasons for doing either such as, more inventory for buyers, or weather is nicer and the home shows better, or just simple there is more time. What ever the reason is this spring and summer are sure to be a busy one for anyone interested in being involved in real estate. So lets go ahead and make a plan for you all so that you can be successful when it becomes your time to buy. 


I am going to start with those of you who want to buy a house. The first thing I can tell you before you start looking on Zillow or Realtor.com is to talk to a lender. So many people just do those website calculators and think they qualify for way more than they actually do. When it comes to actually purchase property they are shocked to find out that they cannot afford it. The best advice I can give you is to talk to a lender to find out the whole process. Most great lenders will talk to you for free (running credit will probably cost money though) and give you advice on how to proceed forward. They can help you with credit repair so you can qualify for a better interest rate or type of loan, find you a down payment assistance program, or help to create a budget for you so you can see how the monthly payment can affect your finances. Do not wait till the spring to talk to a lender only to find out that you need a couple of months to get your finances in order if you want to purchase a home. It will be nothing but devastating if you wait to long. After talking to a lender it is best to talk to a real estate professional (ideally myself) and come up with a game plan for your purchase. Trust me, every real estate agent out there will love to show you homes and get you a plan for purchasing, but if you do not help yourself and talk to a lender to see what you qualify for it is only going to cause heartache in the long run. If you want to talk to a lender but do not know where to go or who to go contact me and I will give you a list of my preferred lenders.  


Now it is time to move onto the sellers. We all know that homes show better in the spring when the grass is alive and the sun is shining. Your gardens will be in full bloom and the birds will be singing. This is great and all but that is not going to be enough to get your house sold at the price you want. A little sweat equity is always going to be helpful to get you top dollar for your house. This next piece of advice is extremely important though. You do not always get out what you put in dollar amount for your upgrades and renovations. What I mean by that is just because you put $1,000 into your house that does not always mean you get to raise your asking price by $1,000. When it comes to upgrades and renovations this is always the biggest heart break for sellers. If you feel that you desperately need to do work to your house to get more money the best areas to do so are your kitchen and bathrooms. This is where you will see the highest return for your money. With that though you might have other areas or issues that you do not even realize are needed to be fixed in order to get top dollar. Right now if you plan on selling your house call a real estate agent (cough cough me) and have them come out to see your house. They can help you to stage your house, come up with suggestions for repairs and updates, as well as explain the listing processes in detail. If you wait until spring to come up with a plan or start the updates it is already to late. There is another house who has put in the time, effort, and work already. They will be the ones to get their house sold faster and for more money.  


When it comes down to it the spring and summer is going to be an extremely busy time for everyone. The competition is going to be immense. Both buyers and sellers are going to come out of the wood works. Those who have the best plans and have put in the most work are the ones who are going to be the most successful. So do not wait! Waiting is the enemy of success and happiness. So call a lender or real estate agent now. We get that today might not be your purchase or sell your house, but we will get you ready for that day. It is always better to have a plan. Trust me.  


Thank you again everyone for your time and consideration. I hope that I can help you in the future if you do decide to purchase or sell your house. Let’s talk now to make that plan so you can have the best spring and summer possible. Thank you all for reading. Until next time be safe, make good choices, and I will talk to you later. 

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