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Dated: 10/29/2018

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At some point during everyone’s lives there comes a time when they are faced with a difficult choice. They can either take a giant risk or stay on the current path they are on. Do they take the leap of faith and jump into the dark scary abyss of what is new, or just keep walking along the same path they have always knownI am here to tell you to take that leap and take the risk.  


As you may or may not know I recently did this myself. I had a very stable career as a special education teacher. I had been working there for five years. Pay was eh but consistent, benefits were great, and hey I got some summers off. I could have continued the grind and sucked it up till my time for retirement came around, but I chose not to. It all came down to the fact that I was unhappy. So, it came to a simple choice, stay in the stable career I was unhappy in, or take a huge leap of faith and turn to a new venture. I went running full speed into that leap of faith and do not regret a thing.  


Why take the leap of faith? It is simple, you only have one life to live, so why not live it. Now I am not saying just “YOLO” it and make dumb choices but why not take the risk. We have all had dreams and aspirations that we have wanted to make growing up, but at some point have stopped shooting for them. Why is that? It is because we get complacent, scared, unsure of ourselves, or what ever other bs excuse we want to tell ourselves. We trap ourselves into staying miserable just for the idea of “stability” or “security”.  


What is the point of living life if you’re miserable doing it? There is not one. That needs to change. This world can be an amazing and beautiful place so take a risk and go enjoy it. This could mean a ton of different things depending on the person. For some maybe it is a career change, others moving to a new city/state, or taking that dream vacation you have always wanted. Whatever that wild or outlandish idea or “risk” is pursue it. Now I am not saying just burn down all your bridges and bail. Formulate a clear goal of what it is you want to achieve, understand what it will take in order to achieve that goal, make a plan, and attack it. Start updating the resume and applying for new jobs, save for that vacation, or ask out the person you have had a crush on forever. While there might be some adversity or road blocks, overcoming those will make the success all the more worth while. 


Two of the biggest risks and leaps of faith of my life so far have had some of the best results I could ask for. These were buying my own house at the age of twenty five and to leave my very stable career. While my house has not been perfect, the pride that comes from fixing it up and improving it has been astronomical. I love coming home every day knowing all the hard work that went into buying my house, and am looking forward to seeing it improve. When it came to changing my career this has made an immediate impact on the quality of my life. Yes I have to make smarter choices with my money and what I do, but I am so much happier doing so. I wake up every morning without anxiety or trepidation about going to work. I know I am going to have to grind and work my butt off in my new career choice as a real estate agent, but I would not have it any other way.  


So take that risk. You will not regret it. Life is to short too not follow your dreams or passions. If you need help taking the risk let me know. I am more than happy to help you out in any way I can. I can be a sounding board, help you formulate a plan, and put the pieces in place so you can succeed in your new venture.  


Until next time be kind to each other, be safe, and make good choices. Thanks for reading.  


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