Why are you waiting?

Dated: 12/03/2018

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Happy end of the year everyone. You have made it eleven months out of the twelve so far. Great job, given how turbulent and crazy 2018 has been. Now if you’re like most people you have started planning out how you are going to start 2019. You are most likely making a list of New Years resolutions, planning on how you are going to make big changes in your life starting January 1st. That’s great, but why are you waiting till then? 


Our lives are short. If we are lucky we will live to the average age of 78 years old (based off of 2016 statistics). Sadly the fact is that some of you reading this will not live that long, while others of you will live way past it. The point is why take chances on missing out on vital days of your lives?  


Right now you have all these hopes and dreams for 2019 and the new year. I am here to tell you to go after them now. There is no point in wasting thirty one days of your life just to start on the New Year. You are making these changes to make your life better or different in some way, so start now. Why do you want to continue what you are doing if you are not happy with it?  


Now I know what you are thinking, “Danny I am just so busy with the holiday season” or “The new year is just a better time for me”. I am calling you out on that. Those are just excuses because you are scared or nervous. It is okay to be scared or nervous but do not let it control your lives. Use it as motivation to make changes sooner.  There are to few opportunities or days we are granted in this life to waste them on bad excuses. 


This thought process applies to real estate as well. To many people are “waiting” for the right time to buy to purchase real estate. There is no wrong time to buy real estate, honestly. There is a wrong time to sell real estate but there is never a wrong time to buy. Why are you waiting for the spring when there are plenty of great amazing houses on the market now. Do you want to compete with the other 250+ people who are waiting for the spring to buy or sell their house? Do you want to wait on building equity in your home, do you want to wait on having the pride of home ownership, or do you want to wait on improving the quality of your life? Why wait?  


I know that taking leaps or moving forward is scary, no terrifying. That is okay. Embracing that fear and over coming it is what makes it worth doing. No one wants to live their lives in fear so lets over come it. I would love to help you embrace that fear to beat it. You do not have to go through it alone. Just do not wait.  


As always thanks for your time, consideration, and reading everyone. If you ever need help or support do not hesitate to contact me. I am always here for you. Have a great holiday season, be safe, make good choices, and I will talk to you next time.

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Why are you waiting?

Happy end of the year everyone. You have made it eleven months out of the twelve so far. Great job, given how turbulent and crazy 2018 has been. Now if you’re like most people you have started

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