The Tesla Solar Roof Is HERE And Cheaper Than Standard Roofing

Dated: 07/31/2017

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Tesla started taking orders for its solar roofs in May, and they can be installed now! On average, the Tesla solar roofs will cost $21.85 per square foot, which is cheaper than standard roofing - even without factoring in the energy savings.  The cost of the Tesla solar roof ultimately depends on how much energy you need and the percentage of active solar tiles on the roof itself. Tesla has provided a solar roof calculator so people can estimate the cost and how much money the roof will save them over time. The solar panels will feed the energy into a Powerpack, so wen the sun sets the home will still be powered by this renewable energy source. About 35% of the tiles will be active solar tiles. The tiles are 3 times stronger and half as heavy as slate or asphalt tiles on a typical roof. The first sets will be in black, covered in Tesla Glass that is almost unbreakable and self-defrosting. Tuscan and French designs will be available in about 6 months.

Determining the cost of a solar roof takes into account how much of the roof can be active solar tile, and how much will be non-active glass tiles. The glass tiles without the solar elements cost $11 per square foot, and the solar-enabled tiles are $42 per square foot.  That is where the $21.85 per square foot average comes from. If you want to price your own solar roof and get more information regarding the material, go to Amazingly, Elon Musk has said that the roofs will have a lifetime warranty - lifetime or infinity, whichever comes first!

In addition, there is a 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit, and the cost of the roof can be financed through your home mortgage! If you choose this route, there may also be a mortgage interest deduction. Ask your mortgage lender about these amazing options.

I can't wait to see how this technology helps with housing costs and preservation of our resources!

Source: Inverse Innovation - and Tesla -

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